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We all have wellbeing issues, whether it’s a niggle about our weight, or something more private and embarrassing, which we know we should see the doctor about, but can’t seem to get around to. Sometimes a face-to-face consultation is too much, or we simply want to get more advice on an issue without making a big deal.

The internet is bursting with pieces on health-related issues. A Google search on impotence will turn up pages of information, but how do you know which site to go to? Often the links will take you to sites offering generic Viagra, when you’re more concerned with checking your symptoms and taking the first tentative steps towards acceptance. Here, you will find dozens of useful articles on a whole range of issues, such as living with hair loss and acne, and how to quit smoking. We give you the facts, display FAQs and offer advice so that you can take things at your own pace.

Saving you time

No more wasting your precious time, trawling through search results. We have done the research for you. Certain problems can make you feel vulnerable and self-conscious. Listed here, are articles on a variety of issues, providing the much needed advice and relief you need.

Discrete advice

Time and privacy are important for people taking that first step to understanding their condition. Here, you can browse our articles at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. No distracting pop-ups, which can seem trivial and even indiscreet. Whether it’s information on contraception, or a more worrying sexual infection you fear you might have caught, you will find our resource helpful and informative. You can quickly cross-check your symptoms and read instructions on what the next step should be. Can’t sleep? Find guidance on what to do. Dealing with stress? There are diet and exercise tips that can help. We care about your wellbeing and want to make it easier to reach those health goals you’ve always wanted.